Tattered and timeworn treasures of the heart....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

NOTE: I am having some problems posting comments to other blogs today.

My answers in response to some of your questions......Yes, I would be willing to loan out my Uncle Harold (if he lived near here, but he is a "snow bird") he really is fun to take treasure hunting, he gets right in there (even with his arthritis). The best thing I ever found on the curb was an antique maple bed with a carved headboard, and a few enamel top tables among other treasures. We also found some brand new, still in the box, ceiling tile once and we used it in our living room at our old house in town.

Another note that may cheer you is Spring is just around the corner. Today was sunny and in the 30's....time to get out the shorts!

Thanks for all your lovely comments!
Wouldn't it be nice to go back in time to a much simpler place.... where the sun was shining all the time... the flowers bloomed.... and you could just play all day with your friends?

Let these drawings take you there........

Scanned from my collection just for you........


Saturday, February 27, 2010

My life has always been full of "thrifting adventures" As a child my mother and I would go the the church rummage sale and I would make a "bee line" to the jewelry table....Wow! lots of glittering jewels, rhinestones (which I thought were diamonds!) and pearls (wish I had some of those items now...) old hats, gloves, shoes, and dolls. I loved it all. Of course, we didn't have a lot of money, so I usually got 50 cents to a dollar to spend if I was lucky.

Now zoom 40+ years into the future...Mike and I (and sometimes my uncle Harold...he's a hoot!) would go garage sailing and "curb shopping, or dumpster diving" (whatever you want to call it and which I still like to do occasionally) This was usually after someone moved out, or in Spring or Fall when our town has "unlimited" pickup (we cannot put large items out every week like in larger cities). This sometimes was a hilarious experience, because we had to "scan the curb... deploy.. and snatch" whatever treasure we may have spied before the neighbors saw us. I can tell you... there were lots of laughs and many times I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard!!!

One day, after a large auction, I saw some boxes in front of the house and of course (me being nosy) I started to paw through them. I started pulling out pieces and pieces of what I though was just paper. To my surprise, it was stacks of old magazine clippings from the 1920's. Even back then I loved "old paper"

I have scanned some of the images for you...and there are many more to come at a later date. I hope you enjoy them.............

Recently on one of my trips to the "Thrift Shop", I picked up some old sheet music...these were 15 cents apiece....I love the graphics don't you?

Thanks for listening to me ramble on. And as always... in case I don't see ya.... "good morning, good afternoon and good night!" xoxoxoxox Chris

Friday, February 26, 2010

Yaya Chique is having a fabulous giveaway...
CLICK HERE to comment and enter to win lots of goodies!!!
Only a few days left.......

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Giveaway winnings from OWOH!!!

Look at all the goodies I received from Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle recently. When she notified me that I had won, you can imagine I was VERY pleasantly surprised....I had been lucky enough to be picked from over 500 entries!!!!!

Just look at all the lovelies! Fabric, glitter, a rubber stamp, pages from a French book, scrapbooking items, antiqued tags, Swarovski crystals, beads, a little bird and butterfly!!!

She even included a French postcard from her own collection....
isn't she beautiful???

Thanks again Kristin.....everything is beautiful...now I will just have to sit down and create something with all these goodies!!

Yesterday I was playing with my camera, a Canon Powershot SX20IS digital (which was an awesome birthday present to myself I must say..."happy birthday to me") , and decided to take some random shots of things around my house....I really have to sit down and read the manual because I am sure I can do some really cool things with this camera.

This was a closeup of one of the pictures I have hanging in my living room.

This is one that hangs in my dining room...I changed it a bit in Paint Shop Pro.
These are just a few random shots of my vast dish collection....
many of which I picked up at the GW or local Thrift.
(PS: the little blue bird was from another giveaway I won a few months back)

I am a self confessed "dish-a-holic"....I can't pass up these old beauties...

Well, time to go, I have to babysit the grandkids. Take care and lots of hugs! Chris

Monday, February 15, 2010

The "One World One Heart" event is over for 2010....
it certainly was a whirlwind of blog hopping and comment leaving for me...I hardly had enough time to do anything else....
I wasn't able to visit everyone, but enjoyed all the blogs I was able to visit.
I also want to thank everyone who came to visit me and left
such wonderful comments and who also became new followers.....
I hope we can stay in touch......

So without further a-do........



(YAY!!!!!!........cheers, whistles, and claps!!!!)

I have already sent you an email and will be sending your
goodies out within the next couple days.

Thanks again everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I am a hopeless romantic and I love Valentine's Day....
My husband surprises me sometimes....
this year he got me red roses and candy,
and we also went out for a nice dinner last night..
I was not expecting that at all....
but it was very nice indeed...

"One World One Heart" is also swiftly coming to an end for this year.
Make sure to get your final comments in...
I will be choosing a winner in a few hours and will post who that winner is tomorrow....


I am also leaving you with some
Valentine's Day Candy (for the eye)

please enjoy................


Sing Me A Song of Love

by Viola Jacobson Berg

Sing me a song of a golden sky,
Of stars and comets blazing by,
Sing me a song with a dream and a sigh;
Sing me a song of love.

Sing me a song of daffodils,
Of nesting birds and peaceful hills,
Of waking spring when nature thrills;
Sing me a song of love.

Sing me a song of joys and tears,
Where happy notes drown out the fears
And the melody lasts a million years;
Sing me a song of love.

"There are Dreams we must gather"

The beauty of our youth has long since gone,
Though our love remains forever strong.
We've had our trials down through the years,
We've had our fun and shed our tears.
We may have slowed a step or two,
But just give up we'll never do.
With gnarled and twisted fingers clasped,
We'll savor our friendship to the last.

(Eugene Mendini, Waukesha, WI)

My Valentine I pray
That thou wilt be,
Not for a day,
But for eternity.

I love thee to the level
of every day's most quiet need,
by sun and candlelight.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Time flies, suns rise,
and the shadows fall.
Let time go by.
Love is forever over all.......

Me and my Valentine........

Endless Love

Harold F. Mohn

I cannot stop the hands of time Much as I'd like to do,
But neither can I stop the love Within my heart for you...

I cannot stop the rolling waves As they beat upon the shore,
But neither can I stop the love That lives forever more...

I cannot change what lies ahead, Though good or bad it be,
But neither can I change my love Thant lives eternally....

I would not change a single thing Since the day I met you,
Because the love within my heart Grows more each day anew....

Lots of Valentine Hugs for you....Chris


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