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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yay!!! I won...........

I want to thank Carol at The Prairie Pathway for the goodies she sent to me recently....I was lucky enough to be the winner in her recent giveaway!!!!
Carol, you are very sweet and wished you lived closer so I could
give you a big HUG!!!
Thanks again!!!

Check out this giveaway at "Spun By Me"....just look at the adorable bear and cute baby picture!
Click HERE to comment and a chance to win!!!
Marie will be drawing for a winner on Sunday, December 19th.
Good luck everyone!

I just got back from an after work get together and gift exchange. We went for a drink and pizza. It is very busy this time of year. So much to do....not enough time....I'm not finished with Christmas shopping yet, I will probably have to finish this weekend on top of trying to clean, bake, and finish a little more decorating (I know, I know.... you're saying "you mean she's not done decorating yet?") We are having house guests again next week. I always look forward to those weekends!! I love spending time with my family. Being lazy, sitting around in our pajamas, drinking coffee and talking and laughing. Then I'm on vacation for 11 days.....Whoo Hooo!!! I hope your holidays are lovely...stop, relax and have some fun...those days will fly by before you know it. Until next time, Hugs~Chris.


  1. Thank you for visiting and leaving me your link. Wow, you've got some serious eye candy here! I am now one of your followers and I will be back to read ALL your posts. And you offer free images too?! Can't get better than that!!!

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Lucky duck...great win!! Enjoy your 11 days off! I love sitting around in my pjs drinking coffee and hanging out with my family too :)

    :) T

  3. Hi Chris - thanks for stopping by my blog and for entering the giveaway! Love your header photo - it's so cute!!


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