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Saturday, October 23, 2010

FOR YOU..............

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.............

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I spent most of today organizing and cleaning. This morning I decided to clean out the closet in my mud room. Wow, was it ever a mess...I couldn't find a thing. Got rid of a couple big garbage bags full of stuff.

Then I went to my craft room. I must admit I have too many things. I started rearranging and organizing. I like boxes, but you eventually forget what is inside, even with the little label thingy on the outside.

a little treat for the eye....

Jars and jars of you name it.......

I love old books....can you tell????

I got a large bag of white buttons at our local antique store for $3........
I put them in a jar from the Goodwill.....They look pretty don't they???

Maybe now I can find my things.....
and maybe it's time for a little de-cluttering.

Take care and HUGS to all.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello everyone
...I am back from a short hiatus from my blog. Deliberating whether to keep it or not. Sometimes too much work trying to decide what to post. (Don't want to bore everyone).

Been doing the usual junkin....ready for the hoarding show I think.

Speaking of hoarding, I went to a garage sale yesterday....tons (literally) of tables in front of this small house. I had been by this house several times in the past. An old man lived there and he used to have junk piled on the front porch and also so much in his garage that he could not walk in it. Well, apparently this man passed away and his family was having a yard sale. One of the customers asked the lady having the sale "was your father a collector?" and she said "No, he was a hoarder, but he would never admit it." she also said that she still had about two thirds left in the house to get rid of yet........little did this poor old man know what his family was going to have to go through to clean everything up.

We are in the midst of "Indian Summer" now . Yesterday the temp. was 85 and according to the newspaper, it broke a 130 year old record. We have hundreds of bugs in our house.....beetles, hornets, flies, spiders......I am tired of trying to keep up with them, vacuuming and sweeping, spraying bug spray....I am going crazy....they swarm around you when you walk out in the yard. Shouldn't be too much longer and they will be gone (I hope) except for those darn Asian Lady Bug Beetles.....we have a soy bean field not to far up the road and when they harvest it those bugs come to our house!!! Those annoying things seem to stay around all Winter.

I downloaded and scanned the following photos for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy!

Take care and lots of hugs to everyone.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How has everyone been? Things are fine in this neck of the woods.

The weather is supposed to cool down tonite with less humidity thank goodness!!! Labor day is fast approaching and there will be time for one last Summer Hurrah!! Hope everyone enjoys it.....

I have scanned some images for you from my ever growing collection....have fun with them.

~~Vintage Holy Cards

for your art work.~~

Here is a sweet picture of "Auntie Walker...Dear lady!"

A Lovely young lady,
such a pensive pose....

another beauty.....

These pretty sisters....
what shall their names be?

and Little Edna

Here is Mildred the school teacher

Lots of hugs and good thoughts your way.....


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Giveaway Winnings
Vintage Swap goodies

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the "2010 Summer Vintage Swap" hosted by Heather Fontenot of Shivaya Naturals and Vintage Swaps.

My partner was Chris W. from Growing Together. Just look at all the wonderful things she sent to me! It was lots of fun and I look forward to participating in another swap real soon....

Thanks Chris and Heather...Hugs to both of you!!

Look at what else came in the mail for me recently. Lots of giveaway lovelies from Kim C. at Im Girl. I am super excited to have won....Thanks sweet Kim.....

SO....keep visiting those blogs and comment, you will discover some really wonderful and creative women out there, and make new friends, as well as an occasional opportunity to win some really cool stuff!!!


I went on an antiquing expedition last weekend......look at the jewels I acquired....$1.00 each (because some are missing a clasp or stone, etc) What a deal!!!

These will work well for some cuff bracelets I am working on.

(The pretty pearl bracelet to the left was $5)

Summer is going fast my friends, although it has still been horribly hot and humid. School starts in a couple weeks and Autumn is coming (my favorite time of the year)

So, as I sit here sweating with the fan blowing on me (no air conditioner)......I leave you with good wishes and a smile!!!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey everyone...check these links out...
Holly and Diane are celebrating the opening
of their new Etsy Store
with this wonderful giveaway!!

(This is what they said)

"We are giving away our handmade items pictured in the photo above - a sweet stuffed pear and heart that could be used as pincushions, hand embroidered and embellished with lace, made by Diane, and a matching salmon colored wristlet made by me, fully lined with zipper that can also be worn through belt loops."




Good luck everyone!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

~Sweet Thursday Greetings~

Just wanted to share some thrifted goodies with you today....
I got these at the Salvation Army Thrift Store
(I wish it were closer to me...I would be there everyday)

What I paid for some of the items below:

Silver Brush~~~ $1.50
Sunday School Hymn Book~~~ $1.00
A box of 4 pairs of old baby shoes~~~$2.69

Old lace pieces~~ 50 cents each
Old Railroad tickets~~ $5.00
(at Pappy's Antiques)
Photo of girl ~~ $1.50

Baby dress ~~$5.50
(at Pappy's)

The thrill of the hunt AND find.......Priceless.........


Here are some scanned photos for you....have fun with them!




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