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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving is almost here and than a very fast approach of Christmas. I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year and am having family stay for the weekend, so I will be cleaning and arranging and food shopping all weekend. I need to stay away from the computer to do that. My next post will be next week sometime, probably Monday or Tuesday since the rest of the week is pretty much shot with work and lots of holiday preparation.

I will leave you with a few images of angels and fairies courtesy of "Memories of a Lifetime" craft books. I ordered about 7 different ones from Amazon.com. Please use the link under my header to visit them sometime, they have super deals on new and used publications.



Happy Holidays my bloggy friends~~~~~Chris

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The Brocantess is having a Gorgeous Giveaway.....She will be giving away THREE fabulous French items that she will be purchasing in France the first week of December....The lucky winners can also have some input on how they want their prize to look too!!

You can also visit Robin's Egg Blues for a chance to comment and win some of the goodies she is giving away too!!! WOW.......with so much excitement going on around here, I don't know how anyone can rest!!!


A FEW IMAGES FOR YOU................................


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~~~~~~Christmas Beauty~~~~~~

....Let us all remember and reflect on what makes life truly worth living...... dance with the snowflakes..... bask in the glow of a beautiful Winter's day all dressed in white..... savor each and every moment we have with our loved ones ....Simple yet beautiful.......The following images are courtesy of Country Living.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


What a Beautiful Giveaway at French Larkspur......enter and comment for a chance to win THREE beautiful items. This is in celebration of her receiving her merchandise for her shop!! Wow, I think I may have to start shopping there....this stuff is gorgeous!!! The contest ends Sunday, November 15th at Midnight.


Giveaways..... Giveaways...Giveaways....

This is an excerpt from KC Willis' blog re: her fabulous giveaway!!!

"The Women-The Flag." 50 women for the 50 stars. Big piece too...32"x50". I (KC) will hold a drawing for this 2 weeks from tonight. November 23. Make for a nice Thanksgiving present to yourself wouldn't it?

Just help spread the word about a workshop that will change more than a few artistic lives. I guarantee it. Blog about it and link to www.marketingmindset.ning.com.


Yay! I love giveaways!

And last, but certainly not least, be sure to visit Down Abbie's Road (The Vintage Moth) to enter and win this beautiful apron....I love the color combination. Just leave a comment and tell her what you are thankful for. She will be drawing for a winner on Sunday November 15th!!!!!

To all my blogging friends across America~~~~~~Hugs and sweet dreams~~~~Chris

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am always on the lookout for vintage ephemera when I am on my weekly thrift outing. I love tattered old books, sheet music, kids books, pictures, cards, etc....etc....etc.... Here are some cute vintage cards I picked up at the thrift shop the other day...I think they were about 10 cents a piece. Please feel free to use them in your art work or card making. I think these look like they are maybe from the 40's.

On Saturday, Mike wanted to go to Shullsburg (in Wisconsin) to pick up a trailer he bought for $50 on Craigs List., and asked if I wanted to go along.
(You see..... I am a antique/collectible/thrift shop nut and he is a "Craigs List" nut!!) While I was there I had to visit a couple antique shops (of course!) and I picked up a few old photographs. They were a little bit more expensive than I would have liked, but I loved the pictures anyway....so I brought them home with me....

A beautiful young lady.....

cute little girl......

I love this picture that was made into a postcard. Look at this sweet little boy in the garden...looks like he might be waving goodbye, maybe to grandma.....

This photograph is from 1901, the back of it reads "From Elinor Hill to Carrie Apr 1901" Not sure if it is a boy or girl, as both wore dresses as small children back then....
Just look at this sweetie...she definitely had to come home with me.....

Here is a lovely group picture...late 1800's maybe. I imagine they might have been on a picnic on a warm Summer's day.......

Also. while I was in Shullsburg...I saw these two adorable Amish girls walk by. They walked over to a small park in the middle of town. There, under the gazebo, they were selling delicious home baked goodies along with their older sister. I imagined them up at the crack of dawn, heating their wood stoves, and getting the flour, eggs, milk and vanilla out of their pantry.....There were wonderful jars of homemade apple butter, creamy buttery honey, homemade breads, pies, and cookies, pumpkin rolls and apple dumplings....yum...my mouth was watering. I was just looking at all these wonderful creations, when Mike pulled up....Oh well, all I bought was the apple dumplings ($3.75 for four of them!!!!) and the pumpkin roll, still fresh and steaming up the plastic wrap.

I am fascinated with the Amish. They lead such a quiet, simple and pure life. "Many hands make light work" They sure have the right idea. We have quite a few Amish communities around here....and Mike just told me that the farm down the road from us was just sold to an Amish family.

Life in the slow lane......

Beautiful and peaceful.....

Good night and beautiful dreams....
Lots of friendly hugs~~~~~Chris

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello to all my blogging friends...It's Monday again..where does the week go? I had to work extra hours today because a co-worker went home sick...Hope I don't get what she has, she was about 2 feet away from me all morning....

I found a great blog The Zany Mayd. Please visit Cheryl and tell her what YOU are thankful for this season (and all year long for that matter). She is having a super giveaway for Thanksgiving....so be sure and post a comment for a chance to WIN!!!!

Here are some of the goodies she is giving away!!!!

Good Night...more posts tomorrow when I have some extra time (Time??? what is that??) Take care...lots of friendly hugs to all of you~~~~~Chris

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This past Saturday I went to an auction and picked up quite a few goodies. Lots of things were going for $1!!! That's what gets me excited (don't take much anymore...ha ha).
I wish I would have known about the auction earlier as
I would have gone there right after work.....
I probably missed out on a lot of really cool things.
Furniture was going for $1.
and I got a full set of china for $7.50!!
The following is just a small portion of what I hauled home.....

Old valentines and other cards....$1 !!!!!!!

I bought a button box and
I found some of the goodies below in it.
(Look at the tiny little shoes)


I got these 1906 calendar bookmarks, old silver pieces
and a really cute little nest with green stone eggs!
and look at the yellow and green necklaces......

I also got a box of vintage watches...here is just one of them...I thought this one was kind of neat. (see the old "Win with Taft" pin????)

The following pictures were in a little folder.
They were available (at no extra charge) on your "new 1948 calendar"
Aren't these babies sweet?
There are some staple holes on the side, but still quite cute anyway...

feel free to use these images however you like.

I also was lucky to get these "Birds of America" cards....I was watching for these like a hawk...since they were in a very small, teensy tiny little envelope, and, well.....YAY!!!!!
I got them and some other cool stuff for $5!!!!

enjoy these images as well

Cute little card and bookmark.....

Boy with dog picture....

Well that's all for tonight...Have to go to bed now...work comes early in the morning.
I will try not to go a whole week again without posting... sorry :-(
I will be posting more pictures this week from the auction....(really cool stuff!!!!!!)
And I have more scanned images for you too!

Take care all my blogging friends!



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