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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This past Saturday I went to an auction and picked up quite a few goodies. Lots of things were going for $1!!! That's what gets me excited (don't take much anymore...ha ha).
I wish I would have known about the auction earlier as
I would have gone there right after work.....
I probably missed out on a lot of really cool things.
Furniture was going for $1.
and I got a full set of china for $7.50!!
The following is just a small portion of what I hauled home.....

Old valentines and other cards....$1 !!!!!!!

I bought a button box and
I found some of the goodies below in it.
(Look at the tiny little shoes)


I got these 1906 calendar bookmarks, old silver pieces
and a really cute little nest with green stone eggs!
and look at the yellow and green necklaces......

I also got a box of vintage watches...here is just one of them...I thought this one was kind of neat. (see the old "Win with Taft" pin????)

The following pictures were in a little folder.
They were available (at no extra charge) on your "new 1948 calendar"
Aren't these babies sweet?
There are some staple holes on the side, but still quite cute anyway...

feel free to use these images however you like.

I also was lucky to get these "Birds of America" cards....I was watching for these like a hawk...since they were in a very small, teensy tiny little envelope, and, well.....YAY!!!!!
I got them and some other cool stuff for $5!!!!

enjoy these images as well

Cute little card and bookmark.....

Boy with dog picture....

Well that's all for tonight...Have to go to bed now...work comes early in the morning.
I will try not to go a whole week again without posting... sorry :-(
I will be posting more pictures this week from the auction....(really cool stuff!!!!!!)
And I have more scanned images for you too!

Take care all my blogging friends!



  1. Wow, amazing auction winnings. Thanks for sharing the super sweet images. Have a great week! ~ Angela

  2. Hi, Chris! I'm so thrilled I found your blog today! I'm a vintage-style cardmaker, so the images you're sharing make me so happy! I love ALL things vintage, and my blog's about that, too!

    I'm your newest follower, and will be back often! So nice to meet you!

  3. Hi Chris!

    Thanks for stopping by & entering My Thanksgiving Give-Away..... I Love meeting New people thru Blogging.... Love your blog, I became a follower too.... Good Luck in the Drawing & stop back often...


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