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Friday, July 16, 2010


My Daughter pointed out to me today that I was behind on my blog...you are right my dear and sweet Angie.

Summer if flying by fast. It's hard to believe it's mid-July already. We haven't had any picnics at our house yet and (as my daughter also pointed out) we have not attended any baseball games.

We are getting ready to go on another camping trip this weekend. Don't have to do so much this time because it's only for 2 days. Most everything is in the camper already except for refrigerated food and the dog. I like to leave town and get away for a while....it's a break from reality!

My excuse is that work is "draining" me. I leave there and come home and do nothing..... My house is a mess...I have no desire to clean OR decorate. I just eat, watch TV, spend a little time on the computer, then go to bed.

When I am at work, I feel like I am in the middle of "Romper Room" or third grade sometimes with certain employee(s) constantly (no joke) "tattling" on others and always trying to point in the other direction to make themselves "look good". Not to mention the extreme "brown nosing" and the innocent act ("what...me?? I am a good and perfect person") AND, to boot...the management actually believes them and plays favorites. We just had two employees quit for this very reason. Why do people do this and for what purpose.... other than to make others dislike them and to make the workplace "ugly AND edgy"?????

There is too much negativity in this world to have to put up with it everyday at work too! So my advice to this person (if you may happen to be reading this, which I doubt) is shut your mouth, mind your own business and leave others be, just do your job and go home at the end of the day...if you can't manage that, then maybe it's time for you to leave so we can all have some peace.


I'm getting too old for this nonsense and trying to figure people out exhausts me. Does anyone else know what I am saying?

Well........enough of that rant!!

I better get myself moving here...I have a few things to do yet and it is 10:00 already.

My apologies to all my loyal readers for not keeping up with my blog. Hugs to all of you.



  1. Sorry you have had such a stressful time at work, my goodness surely we work at the same place!! I do hope this post will make your day, you have !! Your name was drawn from all the comments etc. Please email me your address and I will get it in the mail to you this week!
    Congrats!and I am sending Blissful Wishes your way!

  2. Okay my brain works far faster than typing. I meant to say "You have won the second week of my giveaway on my blog"
    there I got it out!


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