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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just some goodies picked up at the local thrift lately.........

Dreamy cream colored fabric...........35 cents for all of this.....believe it or not.

of course more buttons............can never have too many......

old buckles picked up on E-bay awhile back.....and beautiful rhinestone brooches

and........can you believe all this fabric for 50 cents??????
Not sure what I will craft with all this.....but.......

I love shopping for vintage goodies....how about you???????


The next installment of
"Edith's Summer train trip"

Thursday, July 22, 1915

At 8:25 we arrived in Salt Lake City. We went through the depot and took a free bus to the Semalo Hotel where we got 2 rooms and a bath. We then ate our lunch and we were going to wait for our suit cases, but they did not come so we started for the temple square. Before we got there we saw a Brigham Young monument then we went to the gate and heard a man talk about the Mormon religion.

At 12:00 we went in the famous tabernacle where we saw the wonderful pipe organ and heard it.

The temple was filled, it was very beautiful. The pipe organ sounded very beautiful, in some parts of it, it sounded like someone singing. We went in the assembly hall. Then we went back home to the hotel where we found our suitcases.

We then took a streetcar and went sightseeing around the city in a street car with a guide. We saw the home of Brigham Young it was small and made of stone. We visited the great Salt Lake and saw a lot of people bathing of all ages some quite old

At the State Prison the car stopped and the people got out and the guide explained the different things. The prisoners who do great crimes have their heads shaved and wear prisoner's clothes, but the others do not. When a prisoner's time is almost up they let them go unguarded. They have their own cream house. They have enough to furnish all their milk and butter. They do not allow people to go through the prison. We also passed the sugar house district it does not have very beautiful homes.

Fort Douglas US Military reservation, it's houses are made of the material from the mountains. We got water from the mountain stream. The car stopped for people to look around

Liberty Park is very beautiful there is a road going as far as I could see.

We saw the Federal building it was the Post Office. Holy Cross hospital we saw. We saw a lot of Mormon homes. Homes of the early settlers are very small and old.

Douglas Park has very beautiful bungalows. Brigham street is beautiful. Saw his private school for his 55 children. Saw his last wife's house.

to be continued.....................

love to all my blogging friends,

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  1. Great finds! What wonderful pictures sound like it was an amazing trip.


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