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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello everyone
...I am back from a short hiatus from my blog. Deliberating whether to keep it or not. Sometimes too much work trying to decide what to post. (Don't want to bore everyone).

Been doing the usual junkin....ready for the hoarding show I think.

Speaking of hoarding, I went to a garage sale yesterday....tons (literally) of tables in front of this small house. I had been by this house several times in the past. An old man lived there and he used to have junk piled on the front porch and also so much in his garage that he could not walk in it. Well, apparently this man passed away and his family was having a yard sale. One of the customers asked the lady having the sale "was your father a collector?" and she said "No, he was a hoarder, but he would never admit it." she also said that she still had about two thirds left in the house to get rid of yet........little did this poor old man know what his family was going to have to go through to clean everything up.

We are in the midst of "Indian Summer" now . Yesterday the temp. was 85 and according to the newspaper, it broke a 130 year old record. We have hundreds of bugs in our house.....beetles, hornets, flies, spiders......I am tired of trying to keep up with them, vacuuming and sweeping, spraying bug spray....I am going crazy....they swarm around you when you walk out in the yard. Shouldn't be too much longer and they will be gone (I hope) except for those darn Asian Lady Bug Beetles.....we have a soy bean field not to far up the road and when they harvest it those bugs come to our house!!! Those annoying things seem to stay around all Winter.

I downloaded and scanned the following photos for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy!

Take care and lots of hugs to everyone.....

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  1. Thank you for sharing those lovely photographs.
    Don't give up your blog, but don't feel pressured into writing every day either. Blogging should be fun and not a chore, so write when you feel like it, and when you don't, well, then we just wait til you do, lol.


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