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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey everyone....I'm back again after a short absence.....I have the afternoon off, so I thought I would update my blog. The weather has been "unwelcoming and unwanted" so to speak....3 days of fog and overcast with clouds, damp and chilly, and ice and sleet today.....brrrrr.

The only good thing was the trees and landscape were frosted and sparkly. It looked like God had taken some powdered sugar and sprinkled it all over everything. The frost was unusual and looked like long little spikes. Here are some pictures I managed to take:

These were all taken in my yard:

My poor little angel that sits on my birdbath, still holding her bunny.......
(see the unusual frost????)

Close up of the frost

beautiful frosted pine

This was taken at the back edge of our property

More pine.........

A vacant bird's nest that whispers the promise of Spring

and lastly, more pine................


A few weeks ago when I was on vacation, I went to an antique shop in a neighboring small town. I found a few treasures that day including a 100 year old scrapbook.

It looked as though it had seen better times. The pages were stained and water damaged, but I saw the beauty and the history through it all....I know call me silly..... but I think many of you know exactly what I mean........

The photos are haunting.... faded and precious memories of times past..... items that were important and beautiful to a twelve year old girl who's name remains unknown............

Read the following...............

I managed to scan some of the images in this scrapbook for you...it was very difficult trying to get some of them off the pages as they were glued down with some sort of "cement". I finally gave up trying to pry them off the paper because I did not want to damage them any further than what they already were............

There were lots of colorful German scrap pieces........this one I cleaned up a bit in Paint Shop Pro.

The following is just a small assortment of the vast array of images in the old scrapbook.........

I hope you enjoyed all these images. Feel free to use them however you want
since they are over 100 years old......


Lastly, I will leave you with an image of some "Destiny Cards" I picked up at the thrift shop. The box said they were made in Australia. You are supposed to picture a problem or ask a question then pick a card for the answer......

hmmm...how wonderful life would be if it were just that easy.

I think my advise to you would be not to rely on
"Destiny Cards" for the answer....
just look to our Heavenly Father for that....take care and God Bless.......



  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for the encourging comments on by blog. I think I was just in a really dumb deppression state. hope that stays away for a long time. Sometimes these WI winters can really get to a person. Can't wait until spring.
    Where did you find that wonderful scrapbbok? it's awesome. I used to sell on Ebay for about 9 years and would go to local auctions in my area and have bought many a scrapbook like that. Sure wish I would have saved one for myself. Did'nt realize I was going to follow my passion in art back then. Oh for hindsight. Have a great weekend and stay warm. Your Wi friend. Hugs and thanks, Carol

  2. Chris, Just another small comment, When I sold on Ebay, A scrapbook like your would sell for between $300.00 and $400.00. the older the better and still all together even though the book was comming apart. Just thought you would like to know. Lucky you for finding such a rare item and all in one piece. smiles, Carol

  3. Oh Chris,,,the snow and ice photos are wonderful,,to brave the cold to capture them was a work of art in itself. You must live up north. The scrapbook was a wonderful find,,you lucky duck!! How nice of you to share too. I think we love similar things!
    Your Marbles is a cutiepie! Does she like the snow?

  4. those snow pics are lovely! thank for sharing

    shona cole

  5. That scrapbook is beautiful, I always think it's a little sad when somebody puts so much love and time into building up something like that and then when they're gone the family just sell it, I suppose we can't hang onto everything and it's lovely it's found a new home where it's appreciated :-)

  6. Such beautiful photographs of the frost... LOVE the bird nest~
    Thank you for sharing your treasure with us! Such a beautiful collection of images... I think it is wonderful that so many of us continue to preserve these collections.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! LOVE your posts... will be back often!
    Best wishes~


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