Tattered and timeworn treasures of the heart....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

NOTE: I am having some problems posting comments to other blogs today.

My answers in response to some of your questions......Yes, I would be willing to loan out my Uncle Harold (if he lived near here, but he is a "snow bird") he really is fun to take treasure hunting, he gets right in there (even with his arthritis). The best thing I ever found on the curb was an antique maple bed with a carved headboard, and a few enamel top tables among other treasures. We also found some brand new, still in the box, ceiling tile once and we used it in our living room at our old house in town.

Another note that may cheer you is Spring is just around the corner. Today was sunny and in the 30's....time to get out the shorts!

Thanks for all your lovely comments!

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