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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Giveaway winnings from OWOH!!!

Look at all the goodies I received from Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle recently. When she notified me that I had won, you can imagine I was VERY pleasantly surprised....I had been lucky enough to be picked from over 500 entries!!!!!

Just look at all the lovelies! Fabric, glitter, a rubber stamp, pages from a French book, scrapbooking items, antiqued tags, Swarovski crystals, beads, a little bird and butterfly!!!

She even included a French postcard from her own collection....
isn't she beautiful???

Thanks again Kristin.....everything is beautiful...now I will just have to sit down and create something with all these goodies!!

Yesterday I was playing with my camera, a Canon Powershot SX20IS digital (which was an awesome birthday present to myself I must say..."happy birthday to me") , and decided to take some random shots of things around my house....I really have to sit down and read the manual because I am sure I can do some really cool things with this camera.

This was a closeup of one of the pictures I have hanging in my living room.

This is one that hangs in my dining room...I changed it a bit in Paint Shop Pro.
These are just a few random shots of my vast dish collection....
many of which I picked up at the GW or local Thrift.
(PS: the little blue bird was from another giveaway I won a few months back)

I am a self confessed "dish-a-holic"....I can't pass up these old beauties...

Well, time to go, I have to babysit the grandkids. Take care and lots of hugs! Chris


  1. Oh! This looks beautiful! I love your presentation and hope you enjoy! Happy belated birthday and thanks for the sweet comments, Kristin xo

  2. Happy belated Birthday to you..

    Congrats on your winnings.. Wonderful stuff..

    And I Love your dish collections.. thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos..


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