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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Live, from doggie central......
it's the "Marbles Show"

I move around so much, my mommy had to put me in a chair...

She kept saying funny things to make me look at her (Marbees????)
and she says sometimes I look like Albert Einstein????

Mom's camera had to be in "sports mode" just to get a picture....

I move so fast, even in "sports mode" I blur!!!

after awhile, I just got tired!!!!

Love, Marbles

I went to an auction yesterday, here are some of the things I picked up:

I picked this picture up at the Goodwill (no frame)

~~Sweet Birdie Memories~~

I finally organized myself enough to do some crafting. This is my version of similar pieces I have seen on other sites. Love the birds and nest! I made this piece out of an old drawer I found in the dumpster after an auction. I lined it with old sheet music and altered the image of an old photo album on Paint Shop Pro. I think it turned out pretty cute.

This piece is for sale if anyone is interested. The price is $25 plus $7 shipping.

I went to a garage sale on Thursday and found some goodies. I also saw a couple of cloche's but, did not get them that day (I'm not sure why). I thought about them for a couple days and decided to go back to this particular garage sale to see if they still had them (I thought they probably were gone for sure) I walked through the door and much to my surprise......there they were...... still on the shelf where they were a couple days earlier. I guess the customers were just not interested or they just didn't realize what they were. I had been looking for some on the internet, but they were just a little too costly for me.

$7 each was just the right price.....what do you think??

Take care and Happy Sunday!


  1. What great finds & your little puppy is absolutely adorable!!

  2. I love all the things you got at the auction you went to. And your art work is very lovely. Also thanks for sharing the beautiful background pictures. I think I may use a few of those in future art work. Your Wi neighbor. Blessing to you Chris. Carol Mae

  3. Looks like you found lots of treasures beautiful. I love Marbles, so darned sweet.

  4. your bird assemblage is just beautiful - llove it.Have a great day.


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