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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I found this really neat craft supply website called Save on Crafts and of course had to order a couple things. Look at the neat "real" quail eggs for $10.49!

And...they have lots of bird nests and naturals.....

Pretty linen ribbon (cheap)

Cute birds too.....

And....pretty lavender bunches,
(must be a popular item because a lot of them were out of stock)

Check them out HERE


I also got some new books recently......


You can check out the selection here at Amazon.com



Did you all hear about the meteor that whizzed through the Midwest? Well, it went right over our heads and landed about 20 or so miles away in Livingston. I saw the flash from the fireball come through my curtains in my bedroom and a short time later a loud "BOOM" (and lots of rumbles) when it broke the sound barrier and exploded! Whew!!!!!

Have a blessed Sunday!



  1. Wow! Those quail eggs are gorgeous as are the other goodies. I'll definitely have to check out that website! Thanks!

  2. I'm totally head-over-heels in love with those adorable little eggs!


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