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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Flight of Summer

So gently did the sweet Summer pass me by,
So lovely was the smile she cast,
Lulled by her beauty I
Scarce knew she passed.

I only caught a gleaming in the West
That must have been her trailing gown,
When night, unwelcome guest,
Came swooping down.

O little star! thy pale and quivering face
Proclaims that thou didst never see
Another with her grace
And melody.

Beneath some sky that Loveliness
Shall float upon the waving wheat,
And other ears shall bless
Those carols sweet!

So haste ye winds that blow where'er ye list,
Unseen through all the changeful years
And tell her that ye kissed
Those falling tears.

Fair star, the hour is late; our dreary lot
Come let us strive to drown in sleep,
I in my lonely cot,
Thou in the deep.

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