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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello! my name is Chris and I am a self-proclaimed thrift shop, flea market, garage sale addict and antique-aholic. I love the hunt for a good bargain and am insanely thrilled when I find something old, tattered, and worn!! In the course of all of this madness, I have accumulated a ton (and I mean a TON) of vintage items and have decided to start doing something with them instead of putting them in a huge pile and looking at them everyday!! That is why I decided to start this blog.

I previously sold some of my treasures at an antique shop, but they closed their business a few years ago. And....I've always dreamed of owning my OWN antique/vintage store, but that never came to fruition either. So......I decided to start selling some of my items on Etsy. I'm not totally up and running yet, but will let all of you know when I am, so keep watching.

I am also open to any feedback/suggestions from all of you and hope to make some new friends too! Take care and God bless until next time.


  1. Hi Chris!!!! Welcome to blogland!! We all love the same things so don't feel alone ~ wonderful, old things...that have been forgotten but need a new life ~ I'm so glad you're here. The more you visit others, the more you comment and say hello, the more folks will drop by to see you as well, you're gonna love it!! Can't wait to see your Etsy store ~ xxoo, Dawn

  2. I came over from Dawn's...welcome to blogging! Your banner is beautiful!

  3. Hi Chris

    Thanks you for posting on my blog, it seems that we have the same addiction, besides that all old photo's and papers had to be rescued, it's hard to skip a fleamarket or garagesale. But I always say I'm not addicted somebody had to do it. Don't you think?

    Great that I have found you and I hope you visit my blog often too.



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